Black Sea Logo Gentlemen

The bull of the balkans

Mikelangelo Pic File

T.G. Muldavio
The great poet and taxidermist

Muldavio Pic File

Guido Libido
Master of a thousand faces

Guido Livido Pic File

The catalan casanova

Rufino Pic File

Little Ivan
boy soldier and ballroom dancer

Little Ivan Pic File


Little Red Caboose

Left to right: Little Ivan, TG Muldavio, Guido, Mikelangelo and Rufino. Photo by Mandy Lamont

After an initial burst of enthusiasm in the workplace, union bosses realized that Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen were better put to use providing entertainment for the workers, rather than slowing down the hectic pace of work on the Snowy Hydro Electric scheme.

Photos by Semiconductor Media