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Daringly fun… incredible musicianship…a beautiful patchwork quilt against a harsh landscape.

Jacob Colliver, Beat Magazine ★★★★


Stories from the Snowy Mountains Scheme as they’ve never been heard before…the songs inspired by the tens of thousands who travelled from across Europe in World War 2. The album tells not just of that hard work but also the vibrant lives away from the project… This music bringing the past to life, for a new generation.

Helen Isbister, SBS World News


Mikelangelo is one of the great showmen of the Australian indie music scene.

Patricia Karvelas, ABC Radio National


There are clear nods to the theatrical side of Tom Waits, the exotic flavours of CW Stoneking and the drunken swaying shanties of The Pogues, yet they’ve created their own singular sound around this concept album. The music is melodically rich, the playing evocative and the subject matter both local and universal in nature. Mikelangelo has led his gentlemen down a fine and entertaining path on After The Flood.

Chris Familton, The Music ★★★★


The music is timeless…yearning for loved ones far away, working for the man, kicking up your heels at the end of the week…

Kerrie O’Brien, The Age ★★★★


It is time to douse your musical drought with tales of minstrels and scoundrels alike…No song is off-limits, no story taboo…It guarantees that we’ll follow the flood, wherever it leads.

Adam Norris, The Brag


Dramatic and magical…folksy and flamboyant…a beautiful mystical hour in this music is also a cathartic one.

City Hub ★★★★


At some point in the murky past Mikelangelo and the Black Sean Gentlemen slipped into Oz and have been assiduously undermining our morals ever since. That they nearly get away with it is thanks to those most insidious of qualities: charm and talent.

John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald ★★★★


A heady mix of Eastern European klezmer, gypsy and Balkan music, cabaret, comedy and even a dash of spaghetti western…the kinds of characters you might find in some fictitious Balkan dive, reveling in the high camp theatre of it all.

Michael Smith, Rhythms Magazine


Crooner, troubadour and raconteur…combining elements of comedy, romance and tragedy.



What a night it was! A unique band with a formidable and original sound… there are touches of Dean Martin, Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, some jazz… and the sorts of shanty songs that spring up when people work hard and drink harder…controlled madness is one way to describe it. Mikelangelo and The Black Sea Gentlemen should be named national treasures, pronto.

Liza Dezfouli,


After the Flood brings a time and place to visceral life. Anne-Marie Peard.

Anne-Marie Peard, SometimesMelbourne