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“Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen are a gloriously dramatic unit of talented individuals, and long-time listeners of the band will be rapt by what’s on offer in their latest album, After The Flood.”

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“The music is melodically rich, the playing evocative and the subject matter both local and universal in nature.”

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After The Flood Album

AFTER THE FLOOD features 14 new songs inspired by tall and true tales of the highlife and the lowlife of the European working men on the epic Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme in the 1950s and 60s. The band delve deep into this wild chapter of history, armed with vivid imaginations and a veritable arsenal of instrumentation, the gentlemen add their own unique and compelling take on the making of modern Australia.


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Left to right: Little Ivan, Mikelangelo, Rufino, Guido and TG Muldavio. Photo by Semiconductor Media


Locals were treated to a spontaneous burst of rousing music and dance from Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen as the band celebrated their arrival at the Cooma railway station.

Gentlemen Ladies Room

Left to right: Rufino, Little Ivan, TG Muldavio, Guido and Mikelangelo. Photo by Mandy Lamont

Famous in their former home countries, the group were forced to separate when fleeing persecution in the Eastern Bloc some years earlier. Their reunion at the gateway to the Snowy Mountains was filled with camaraderie and high emotion, and Mikelangelo was quoted as saying: “I like this place already, bring on the dancing girls!” For workers on the Hydro scheme, the music of the Black Sea Gentlemen will come as a welcome relief from the long hours of back breaking work they engage in each day. Like them, soon Mikelangelo and the Gentlemen will be working on the Snowy and calling this place home like all the other New Australians who have made their way here over rough seas to start life again in the lucky country.

Official Music Video


Rufino the Catalan Casanova kicks up his heels in the brand new music video to his song Handsome and Highwired, taken from the After The Flood album. Shot by semiconductor-media.com and edited by Mic Gruchy www.grup.tv The clip features archival images from the very nightclubs of Cooma that Rufino sings about, taking us back in time to the dancefloors of The Lido, The Pasha and The Cortina. Images courtesy of www.bighart.org

Story Of The Snowy


SBS news story about the 4th MBSG album After The Flood, released May 2016. Shot at Vivid LIVE by SBS 17 June 2016; songs ‘Way Down Below’ feat. Mikelangelo and ‘Handsome and Highwired’ feat. Rufino.

As part of the After The Flood album launch tour, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen performed at Vivid LIVE in Sydney. The show was captured by SBS news and woven into a mini-documentary piece about the band, their new album, and the story of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, including interviews with Mikelangelo and also with his father Vinko Simic, who fled Communist Yugoslavia and worked on the Scheme on his arrival in Australia.

Official Music Video

Official Music Video from After The Flood